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Falling is not the end of the world anymore

Imagine you can stroll freely around in your room without carrying any electronic device and not having to press any button if and when an emergency situation occurs.

By having FamilyEye in your room, no one has to worry anymore. Everyone caring for you will get an automated warning as soon as something goes wrong.
Each sensor is easy to fit. All you need is a plug connection.

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Fall detection

The moment the needy person falls, an automatic warning message is sent to the caregivers listed in our call-up database, like family, neighbors, nurses etc. …

The message includes a picture of the situation. After the emergency occurred, one can have live contact with the person in distress and this both visually and audibly in order to evaluate the seriousness of the situation, enabling you to take prompt action if necessary.


Preventive alerting

FamilyEye can map out the entire life pattern of the needy person. 

Through pattern recognition, the system detects automatically the day-to-day life patterns of the needy person and warns you of all exceptional activities or any changes in habits.

This enables you to take preventive action in an early stage if required.


Social Contact

At any moment of the day you can have contact with your loved ones and caregivers.

Even from the couch, you can call for free with anyone on your list while hearing and seeing him or her.

FamilyEye Scope


When getting older and/or needing care, one needs to live as long as possible in his or her trusted environment. Even if falling down once in a while is an issue.

When those situations occur, feelings of uncertainty and dependency might creep in.

With FamilyEye we can give you back your self-confidence and self-reliance. We allow you to continue living at home with the peace of mind you deserve.

Care Homes

In care homes we can’t have enough eyes and ears to detect emergency situations.

With FamilyEye we know immediately if an automated cry for help is really an emergency. When one of your residents falls, you get an instant message allowing you to react promptly and adequately.

FamilyEye goes beyond automatic fall detection with extra modules to map behavior patterns and warn you if business is not “as usual” with your older friends.

Making your senior occupants happier and caring for their well-being is our common mission and their loved ones are getting the peace of mind they deserve.


As caregiver you want to accommodate your clients as much as possible.

FamilyEye can provide you and your organization lifesaving tools without having to be all the time physically next to your needy person.

You can install the sensor very easily yourself, even if your client only requires your care for a short period of time.



  • Team Member

    Sylvie De Smet

    Sylvie has been in business for most of her professional life, growing from low level positions in different companies towards key responsibilities within Microsoft. Her business acumen and drive, combined with her love for technology and managerial talent is shaping FamilyEye into a lean and efficient organization.

    Seeing the safety needs of elderly people in her own family environment brought her to found FamilyEye. She was touched by the inability of elderly people to get help when a fall occurs: even pushing a simple button was too difficult to achieve in a traumatic situation.

    Creating added value to our aging world by co-founding FamilyEye matches very well with both her passion for IT and her extensive business network and managerial expertise.


    Under the guidance of Sylvie, our sales team is motivated to provide you with a cost efficient, safe and timely solution to your fall-detection needs.


    Sylvie shares her passion for IT and electronics both with “young wolves” and experienced engineers on a daily basis.
    Our R&D team is focused on creating the best products for fall detection.
    Ease of use is a KEY factor in their approach. Solutions needs to be created for an aging user probably not familiar with IT and technologies.


    Our team of young designers combine their creativity with our core design principles:

    • For the aging user: ease of use - simplicity is key.
    • For the care provider: easy no-brainer installation
    • Full and useful functionalities may not complicate things. Love for technology doesn’t mean creating complexity. It means simple, efficient and useful products.


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